Wednesday, August 03, 2005

neurology is sucka free

yeah yeah yeah. it's not that i have nothing to say, it's just that i have trouble wanting to spend time saying it. getting used to this government science-y thing, being lazy as hell.

so here is a quick but not-so-succinct update:

-research going well, last patient done today! with all luck, i'll have the abstract done this week, just in time to jet the hell home to long beach. i leave saturday morning at 6am. that means i gotta be at dulles at like 4 in the morning. no fun at all.

-husband fainted during transcranial magnetic stimulation. was it a deep subconscious fear of medicine? a seizure? lack of a proper breakfast coupled with a very warm room? we will never know. at first i was like, "oh no! my poor syncoped boy!" but then i was all "damn, we could have scheduled a real patient during this time!"

-met other med students, finally. they are all smart and cute and party like crazy. i would too if i had a year off of med school to do basic science research slack and get paid for it all. with free housing! as one said "it's great! you sneeze on a piece of paper and they publish it, plus i don't have to wake up until 10!" i met students from Texas A&M, Northwestern and Hopkins (yes, i was surprised that real live people actually go there too). They thought i went to Case Western Reserve when i said the name of my school, and i had to correct them with the ubiquitous "it's a DO school" when they didn't recognize the name.

-the fellows in our institute arranged a neuro jeopardy game the other day for all the summer students. to paraphrase my mentor before it started: no pressure- but if you win they'll say it's because your team had the only med student on it, and if you lose, they'll shudder at the thought of you ever getting to treat patients. our team's name? the myoclonic jerks. no, i didn't think of the name. but it is pure neuro gold i tell ya. we won, but not before i embarrassed myself by not knowing woodie guthrie died of huntington disease. i totally thought it was ALS! that's close, right? fuck, the other team didn't even know who woodie guthrie was. i did answer a couple of big ones right (circle of willis, cold caloric, biceps reflex) so i was feeling pretty good. i even got some prizes: burt's bees lip balm and a washington DC fridge magnet.

-i am vacillating between feeling like i've done something huge and important and great this summer which will help me land that residency spot without having to blow anyone and feeling like i've just wasted my last summer ever on being depressed and alone in a crappy town with too much weather for my liking. now just as i'm leaving i feel all sorts of nervous about starting school again. after hearing some really cool people in my class will be repeating, it's hard to be completely ecstatic about moving on to M2.

that's enough for now. i'll write more from the non-humid confines of my backyard hammock in a couple days.


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