Saturday, May 14, 2005

xanax me, bitch!

i've been more than a little anxious lately:

-musculoskeletal final is next thursday. although i've done well in all my previous classes and definitely will not be forced to repeat next year, i still worry i'll tank the last class. and since it's a relatively easy subject, it would be fantastically embarrassing to fail it. it's been nearly a whole year in school (cuz i started anatomy early), and studying is really not happening at this point.

-my 28th birthday is in exactly one week. 30 is coming down the pipe, the floating deadline for not being a fuck-up in my mind. birthdays as days are either very good or really really bad. i'm hoping it's the former this year cuz i could use some good times right about now.

-flying to new york on friday. flying to DC on the 28th. i don't like flying. at all. it's not so much a "flaming sonic winged death" issue, more that i don't like being squeezed into a tiny seat for five hours with nowhere to go. that and the possibility of living long enough to know i'll die soon, smashing headfirst into the ground at 300 miles an hour. this is complicated by the fact that the people who sit next to me on planes are always 1) fat as fuck and 2) talkative as fuck. especially if they find out i have anything to do with the field of medicine. but i am hopeful! the mr. is coming with me, so between him, my favorite book and the ipod, i should be able to ward off any annoying rays.

-starting NIH fellowship. will i be smart enough? will i work hard enough? will i get published? will the cool kids snicker and shun me when i tell them i'm from a DO school? gotta learn that dance from can't buy me love stat.


Blogger Dr. Charles said...

very funny post - i understand the fear or flying, even though i know it's probably safer statistically than walking around a golf course with a lightning rod on your head in the middle of a lightning storm (something i refuse to give up). all those miles of empty air below, and no control are what unnerve me. get a book and chill, have a good trip

8:15 AM  

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