Sunday, May 15, 2005

a quandary: hang out with surgeons or your former high school classmates?

so i just found out this week that my 10 year high school reunion is coming up. there isn't a concrete date set yet, and as luck would have it, the first choice date is october 22. this is the same day as the start of the osteopathic surgical conference, which is in orlando. the reunion will be in LA.

as the national liaison for the SOSA chapter at our school, my only duty is to go to these conferences and schmooze. the surgical club at our school has sucked for the last couple of years, so we really need to get back into the national scene. i'm really hoping they pick another date for the reunion, so i can go.

i didn't think i'd care about my reunion, but it's like watching a car chase on live tv- i just gotta see if there's a crash (read: formerly cuter-than-shit girls with big fat asses and possibly alcoholic husbands).

i'm going to be overly dramatic right now and state that this is a conscious effort on behalf of the gods to fuck with my serenity. the extracurricular stuff i'm doing for the upcoming year was meticulously chosen for the fact that it wouldn't take up too much of my time. now my lone opportunity to help our school get it's surgical mojo back will deprive me of the immature pleasure i take in seeing how badly my classmates have aged. what are the fucking odds that the only two big things i should attend this year on are the same date?


i was watching romy and michelle's high school reunion yesterday on the ABC family channel (shut up), and it struck me how much anxiety people tend to have about reunions. yesterday i went to indian buffet with some high school friends who i still hang out with, and we all made pacts to lie about what we really do. the thing is, i actually don't want people to know what i do because part of me is embarrassed to be where i am. it's partially because of my age- if i'd found my self-confidence earlier i'd be in my third year of residency by now. but mostly it's because i was sort of a fuck-up in high school. i got ok grades- some good, some bad. i dabbled in tons of clubs but wasn't serious about any of them. mostly i was the "kooky" girl, owing to my fashion sense, a big mouth and being in the drama troupe. my yearbooks are filled with "stay unique!" or "you're so crazy!". people seemed surprised that i was going to college at all, and always thought i would study art or theatre.

10 years later, i feel like it'll be anti-climactic to come as a happily married medical student. so, i'm gonna be a pirate.

i haven't decided yet whether i'm going to go through with the plan and have the "sea police" come into the reunion and handcuff me and take me away, but i do have some nice police issue handcuffs that should be put to use. shit, saying i run a savage band of murderers around the south china sea is highly preferable to saying i study the kidneys and lungs.


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