Wednesday, May 18, 2005

just alterations

today i got some pants back that i had gotten altered. i'm annoyed that i even had to do this, because it is a new thing for me. maybe it's that i'm suddenly buying "slacks" for clinical wear, or Maybe it's that the american fashion industry is on some terribly entertaining drug. all the sudden all the fucking pants i buy are so long i can't even wear them.

i'm not short by any means- in fact, i'm an 1 1/2" taller than the average american woman. so how come all nice pants these days have 35" inseams? my dad, who is 6'2", doesn't even have a 35" inseam. wtf?

i took them to a place called "just alterations". the girl there irks me. she's not even remotely friendly, but not outright rude either. she's just there. no inflections in her voice, no "hi! how are you?", no smile, nothing. it's not like she's old or freaky or anything. she's my age, and a cute girl! why is she bitter? maybe she hates everything in life except viscose. i tried smiling at her, making small talk. nothing worked. she was even a bit snarky in asking me exactly how i wanted them when she was measuring the hems. i guess i didn't give her the right answer, but shit, i'm not a tailor- so how am i supposed to know the ins and outs of of pant shortening? i wouldn't get pissed at you for not knowing exactly what i do in my job (actually, i think i'll prefer it thanks). i thought maybe she was having a bad day or two last week, and today she might be different, right? wrong, still the personality of the wire hanger my pants were on. i guess that's why the place is called "just alterations" and not "alterations with a smile".

and while i'm bitching about stupid shit, why doesn't the washington DC area have a well fargo? it's really my fault for picking a bank based on their extensive use of stagecoach logos. and what do you say when people ask you what state washington DC is? i always say "it's a district. of columbia". i don't even think it has a state. it's stateless, just like how the 5 boroughs in new york city are like counties within a city, but also in another county. this east coast shit is whack, yo.


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