Thursday, May 19, 2005

all over the place

wow, just like that, i'm an MS2. pretty fuckin' sweet.

at least i think i am now. that all depends on whether i passed the musculoskeletal exam. now i know exactly how it feels to wish i had studied more. i've been a good little gunner for almost a year, but i flamed out as i am wont to do, just like old times!

i have a clinical skills exam tomorrow morning, but it's just a timed H&P on a standardized patient. easy peasy lemon squeezy! then off to`new york. all day i've been repeating a line i remember from wayne's world, back when it was just on SNL. "i'm from new york. i've got a gun. let's go to a broadway show!".

enough with the silliness. cut to cure had a post a couple weeks back about the future of trauma surgery. there's a deep part of my brain that says "trauma surgery! i'm fucking so on that shit!", but it gets beaten down by the more realistic part of me that says "nah, it's the expressway to a divorce.." since i had to bribe and cajole the husband to stay with me while i'm in school (not really, but he did get some nice dinners right before i started), i'm interested in doing anything i can to make sure i don't turn out to be just another divorced surgeon.

but that's not really what i wanted to write about. he mentioned generation X, generation Y and (of all things) generation Z, which is such a stupid fucking name. so i'm wondering, what is X vs. Y in terms of years included?

i've always thought i there had been some global conference on this, and the consensus was determined a long time ago. as luck would have it, my birth year (1977) is right in the middle and is mentioned in different sources as being part of both. i know my friends and i always talked about being gen X, but it seemed like there were always people playing the part way better than we could.

in high school, i worked in a coffee house largely staffed by zine-reading, whippets-inhaling, psychology-degree-having 25-year-olds. they had dreads and listened to seven year bitch, drove banged up late 1960s comets and dusters and were the coolest people i could imagine. they were letter perfect to how the media portrays generation X. i was crushed because i figured i was in this other, shittier generation, who was known mainly for being spoiled, bipolar and liking limp bizkit. i just wanted to be like christian and kelly and a girl named toast, who was a drummer and was in three bands at once!

when i got to be around 25, the memory of these terminally hip people was replaced by the reality that they must be in their mid-thirties now, and how uncool it really was to have so little to show for your age. i thought maybe it was better to be in gen Y- at least i had more time to have fun and popular culture hadn't quite whittled us down into a 2 minute alternative rock montage of hairstyles. now i'm not sure where i want to be. it seems both generations are considered together when it comes to discourse on the current direction of medical specialties, and i'll get the same result no matter what label i stick on my white coat.

it's kind of a letdown that generations X and Y as discrete entities is a myth, and that one really has to determine which generation they fit into better. being born on the cusp of two astrological signs, i guess i can sorta understand. just like i'm totally more gemini than taurus, i think i'm more X then Y. and just like astrological signs, it's nothing more than entertainment in the end.


Blogger #1 weenie said...

HAHAHAHA! The part about the SNL Wayne's World skit made me laugh out loud!! I *totally* kept hearing that over-and-over in my head the WHOLE time you were in NY!! I didn't think anyone would remember it, so I just kept laughing to myself like a fuckin' crack junkie!

~miss you!

11:12 AM  
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