Friday, April 08, 2005

whiny self-serving post with pointless links!

it's friday night, and i haven't studied one bit for the final exam i have on monday. although the house of god and scrubs have done a good job of describing the intern year (i'll know this for sure in about 3 years), i haven't seen a really good account of med school itself, especially the pre-clinical years. there are some intangibles like the scary i-know-i-have-to-study-but-i-just-can't phase i'm going through right now. pointless self-destructiveness! my reasoning resembles the makings for a bad hangover: a good score on the last exam, the NIH coup and most of this exam being path (which is my fucking subject dawg) and i just can't be bothered. it's a bad, bad attitude to have.

knowing this doesn't mean just yet that i can fix it just yet. i thought i was being all pious and gunnerous when i begged out of the last night ever for a good 60s soul club, but i am sitting here writing a blog post and not studying the reticular formation.

and my inertia is making my writing suck. have you read this shit? i'm saving this post to remind me that medicine is much more of an option than being one of those blog darlings. no go fug yourself for me.


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