Monday, April 25, 2005

time til end of MSI: about three weeks.

it's been a couple of weeks, so i should definitely update my lame-ass medical blog life:

-this weekend i will be working the medical tent at coachella. i'm doing saturday only, then coming back sunday to just hang out and see some good acts. i figure the big patient complaints will be dehydration and drug ODs, maybe some allergies and asthma attacks. i just hope no one gets really sick, because no one should have to leave coachella for the hospital, mmkay?

-found a place to stay in DC! i can't believe it, but i found it through craigslist. i was a bit weary of putting an ad on there, since i figured i'd get responses from frat boys, pimps and serial killers. but no shit, the person sounds downright normal, and the house looks fantastic. she's a retired doc, and has other lodgers there. i will get a nice big room, and a bathroom to myself, which suits my love of pooping in private.

-we're going to new york for our anniversary! the mr. and i have never been to the east coast, and decided we are both old enough to be fucking losers for not having been to a whole section of our native country. we've been all over europe, yet have never been new york or boston- what the hell is that about? this year, thanks to a gigantic tax refund (single zero and 33 grand in tuition is the only way to fly baby) and one week between my last final and starting at NIH. and here, a word of advice: hire a tax preparer. spend the money! if you think you could possibly get more than $500 back, they are worth their weight in gold. we have friends and family hopefully to put us up, but we're also looking for a cool hotel that isn't 400 a night. although part of me is like "fuck the money! let's stay at hotel gansevoort!" that's the same part that was screaming "woo hoo! his and hers vespas!" when we walked out of the tax preparer's office. but no, we are responsible adults now, and we must pay off debts and be frugal. so, i'm waiting until hotwire gets a little cheaper for that boutique four star in midtown east, which is the W.

anything more i can say? i gotta get dressed for school. we have a group report to do on aromatherapy. i figure we'll just turn in some apple cinnamon candles and nag champa and call it a fucking day.


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