Wednesday, April 06, 2005

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ok, i'm still getting used to all this shit so i hope the site feed works. i had put in a request to be included in medlogs and was wondering why it never showed up. it seems that it's just because i'm a dummy with all this internets stuff.

sometimes i totally wonder about my computer abilities. although i think i'm fairly savvy with technical stuff i know i totally got shafted when it came to the all important computer basics when i was wee. stupid LA public schools! i mean, we had those crappy apple IIs that with the amber screens and scary buzzing sound effects, but all i seem to remember doing on them was some fraction bullshit and playing the oregon trail. i will admit that shit was dope, although i got to oregon for the first time a only couple of years ago using an emulator. in third grade i just couldn't maintain my concentration long enough to kill animals for food or plan ahead for inclement weather. so i usually ended up leaving missouri in the late summer, drowning my team of oxen while trying to ford the river (cheapskate i am i wouldn't dare pay an indian guide to help me), getting all my clothing and wagon wheels stolen in the middle of the night, or losing all my travellin' companions to snakebites, dysentery and broken legs. i had never even seen the last part where you ride down the columbia river dodging rocks before! i was perfectly content killing myself and four other people over and over for hours on end, little obsessive monkey that i am. same thing happened when i tried to play everquest. i didn't care to go on quests with other players-i just spent hours killing bats in front of the castle and sexually harassing any player who was dumb enough to come up to me until i got bored.

i'm not sure how i this post lapsed into musing about nerdy video games. must. study. now.


Blogger Cathleen said...

It takes a while before medlogs picks it up. It's there now. :-)

7:07 AM  

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