Wednesday, April 06, 2005

and now to bring the scary DO agenda to a medical journal near you!

i have been accepted for a summer research fellowship at the NIH!

this is a very very big thing for me as a DO student, since we historically don't get a tremendous amount of research experience in school. we had one student from our school get a NIH fellowship last year, and this year myself and one other person have had offers. my classmate decided not to accept his offer, but i jumped at the chance to do it. the NIH summer fellows tend to be of the harvard and johns hopkins variety, which makes me a bit nervous to be honest. but it's a chance to see how much (if any) we differ, and hopefully i'll be able to put the whole "MD vs. DO" argument to bed for the benefit of all those nervous pre-meds on SDN. i will be working at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, which is very cool because i heart the brain.

it pays well, it is the kind of work that i wanted to do, i get fantastic experience at one of the best research institutions in the country, and i get to spend the summer on the east coast. since i've never been further east than atlanta, georgia (not that i haven't traipsed around europe quite a bit), i honestly don't know what to expect. i have some friends to see in DC and new york and will be hitting the mutter museum in philidelphia, plus spending random time with the hubby when he flies over for a couple of weeks mid-summer.


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