Thursday, March 10, 2005

insert "MTV's the real world" style intro: "this is the true story, of 200 strangers, picked to live in a lecture hall..."

our class is going crazy. a combination of long hours in lecture, a low average on the last exam and spring break not.coming.soon.enough has driven us to become lame parodies of the students seen in movies like gross anatomy. we don't yet know who is the token drug addict or gunner-student-who-has-a-nervous-breakdown.

shit-talking is an art right now- there's not even a clear pattern to who is this week's slut or asshole. our ethics classes turn into pissing matches on who can be the most paternalistic and judgemental. i really didn't expect this. i thought we were above such asinine behavior.

and yet, here i sit venting to a blog. that no one reads. so what's the point?

the point is, as a classmate said today, we'll all be hugging again when MS2 starts. at least for a couple of weeks.


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